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"Creativity is by definition a form of positive deviance: qualitative, divergent, and nonconformist. The very institutions that need creativity are designed to eliminate it."  -Havard Business School

"Who are the most creative people in the world? Children. 
We don't need to learn how to be creative. All we need to do is remember."  -Mark Epstein 

Music is an amazing medium to work in. It instantly levels the playing field.  -Mark Epstein

Your Team. Their Song.

Watch your team become Rock Stars for a day working with a pro music producer to write and record an original song. In this unique, half-day workshop, even people without any music experience come together to re-define what they believe they can do - into a state of performance they never dreamed possible.

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  • Smash self-limiting thought barriers 

  • Ignite creative problem solving 

  • Supercharge collaboration



A song is a big idea distilled into a clear, three minute musical solution. 

Solving business problems require both creativity and discrimination. We bring these concepts together to create exponentially powerful experiences that deliver a true, collaborative outcome; a highly visible symbol of what a team can achieve.

How it works

Sessions are held at a professional recording studio or on-site using mobile gear. The result is a professionally recorded, original song co-written by everyone present.

  • Collaboratively write and record an original song.

  • Team directs all creative choices including lyrics and music genre.

  • All have the option of performing on the recording or not.

  • The team has input on all phases of production.

The take-away is an Original song composed and RECORDED by the team. Listen later and WATCH the memories of shared creativity come alive!

NEW: Buildsong™ is now taking songwriting and recording workshops to a whole new level as an interactive event for conferences. Opening acts, ice breakers, recording parties, no group is too large or small. Engage by creating, and record it to relive the experience - We’ll also make the track available for your media!




“The BuildSong Session is pure genius. Never before have I felt a greater sense of collaboration in a group setting”. It was fun,enjoyable and best of all we have a song that we created at the end to share with the world!” 

 Michael Lim Filmmaker/Festival Director “Sing”apore, 

“I have nothing but great takeaways from my songwriting workshop with Mark. Our group bonded over a shared experience that brought us together from across the world. Music was the perfect tool for us to build on our collaborative relationships. It’s a great bonding activity for colleagues and I encourage all to give it a try!” 

 Cristy Jamison
Touchpoint Communications

“Working with Mark Epstein was a unique and magical experience. Having no skills with writing music or song lyrics, Mark guided our small group through the process of creating a song that captured each of our unique perspectives into a unifed message. He made it fun, collaborative and memorable. In under two hours, we had a song that we all loved and friendships that were built during the workshop.” 

 Yulia Konovnitsyna Straight Fwd Co.TM







is a producer, songwriter, educator, and musician who has toured and recorded with many national acts including Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Monte Montgomery, Taj Mahal, Willie Nelson, George Benson, David Crosby and many others. Corporate clients include Virgin Records, HBO, Orion Pictures, IBM, AT&T, Union Carbide and Yale University.
Through his work in music, film and business, Mark has developed the Principles of the Creative Environment™: a road-map to unlocking collaborative, breakthrough team performance and creative problem solving. This approach is the core of Buildsong™.





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Creative Mornings International summit group: These cool folks range from the US, to Mexico City, to Singapore and didn't know each other until our session - now they are fast friends, named their band "The Manifestos" and continue to stay in touch - all due to a single BuildSong™ Session!   (see 1st video of the song "I'm the Change").   This the   is very definition of Team Building!

Creative Mornings International summit group: These cool folks range from the US, to Mexico City, to Singapore and didn't know each other until our session - now they are fast friends, named their band "The Manifestos" and continue to stay in touch - all due to a single BuildSong™ Session! 

(see 1st video of the song "I'm the Change").

This the is very definition of Team Building!


from Worldwide Business coach Wendy Nolin

Music is the Universal Language..

And who among us hasn’t at least once dreamed of being a rock star? Whether you sing in the shower or have the talent to actually belt out incredible technical proficiency marked by performance consistency, intonation accuracy, and great musicality, admit it; you’ve thought about it!

Ok, maybe it’s just me that thinks about being adored by millions of fans in the spotlight on stage…. [When I’m getting ready to do a speaking engagement, this is my go-to motivation song. I’m a Leo, what can I say????]

Music transcends every barrier and has the ability to bring together disparate and fragmented teams. Music also has the ability to unite complete strangers in a harmonious interplay of melody, pitch, timbre, rhythm, and texture.

BuildSong’s Mark Epstein was the house bassist at a legendary midnight jam session at the Dark Star in NYC. The likes of Ace Frehley from Kiss, John Waite, the Tower of Power horn section, and countless 1st call studio and touring musicians dropped in to jam, as well as local pros and some amateurs. A real mixed bag. One night (or should I say one early morning), an African band with 3 talking drum performers showed up without their bass player. None of them spoke English. Mark didn’t speak their language.

Universal language prevailed. Within 5 to 10 minutes, Mark recalls he was grooving on stage with this African band, giving each other body language cues. The keyboard player showed Mark a bass line he picked up immediately and they were off, jamming and creating foot-tapping, hip-swaying, shoulder-jerking, head-bobbing music.

At the end, the extent of their gratitude for the jam could only be expressed in high fives, hugs, and hearty back slaps accompanied by broad smiles and joyous laughter. Music was the only language they all spoke and understood equally.

Mark brings that same feeling to his team building and applied creativity business workshops. He turns teams into rock stars for a day, facilitating an original written and recorded song. The effects on the participants is profound and the feelings experienced are deeply anchored, to be relived anytime the recording is replayed, whether real or in their imagination.

Creative Mornings is a monthly lecture series for creative professionals held at a business at 8am on a Friday morning, where they always open session with music. in 2016 they held the international summit where the host from each city came to Austin. These are folks who’ve never met, from all over the world, and their only common ground was their involvement with Creative Mornings.

Mark was curated to conduct his music workshops during the summit, and one of the groups created a band called The Manifestos. The best example of how a BuildSong creativity workshop brought together complete strangers is expressed in the video they created; you can watch it here.

Since music transcends all barriers, I’ll suspend my words and encourage you to visit Mark’s website. Watch The Manifestos’ video, and listen to the other songs written and recorded by other groups. For your next team building, problem solving, or other corporate collaboration event, consider a half or full day workshop with Mark to unleash your team’s creativity and enhance their cohesiveness.

And in the words of Leann Womack from her #1 Billboard Country Music hit,

“When you get the chance to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance.”

Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder.



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